Master List of Foundation for the Study of Cycles Library Books
Retained by Market Technicians Association (MTA) in Woodbridge, New Jersey Offices

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Date Author Title
1992Abalkin,L.Scientific Heritage of N. Kondratiev & Comtemporaniety
1932Abbot, C.G.25 Years' Study of Solar Radiation
1927Abbot, C.G.A Group of Solar Changes
1941Abbot, C.G.An Important Weather Element Hitherto Generally Disregard
1946Abbot, C.G.Cycles in Solar Activity
1936Abbot, C.G.Cycles in Tree-Ring Widths
1966Abbot, C.G.Forecasting From Harmonic Periods In Precipitation
1933Abbot, C.G.Forecasts of Solar Variation
1936Abbot, C.G.Further Evidence on the Dependence of Terrestrial
1952Abbot, C.G.Important Interferences with Normals in Weather Record, Associated with Sunspot Frequency
1953Abbot, C.G.Long-Range Effects of the Sun's Variation on The Temperature of Washington DC
1959Abbot, C.G.Long-Range Weather Forecasting
1949Abbot, C.G.Montezuma Solar-Constant Values & Their Periodic Solar Variations
1955Abbot, C.G.Periodic Solar Variation
1952Abbot, C.G.Periodicities In The Solar-Content Measures
1932Abbot, C.G.Periodicity in Solar Variation
1952Abbot, C.G.Precipitation & Temperature in Washington, D.C. For 1951 and 1952
1955Abbot, C.G.Sixty Year Weather Forecast
1955Abbot, C.G.Sixty-Year Weather Forecast
1935Abbot, C.G.Solar Radiation And Weather Studies
1952Abbot, C.G.Solar Variation & Precipitation At Peoria, IL
1953Abbot, C.G.Solar Variation a Leading Weather Element
1963Abbot, C.G.Solar Variation and Weather
1962Abbot, C.G.Solar Variations and Weather
1933Abbot, C.G.Sun Spots and Weather
1936Abbot, C.G.The Dependence Of Terrestrial Temperatures On The Variations Of The Sun's Radiation
1932Abbot, C.G.The Periodometer: An Instrument For Finding & Evaluating Periodic
1946Abbot, C.G.The Sun Makes The Weather
1947Abbot, C.G.The Sun's Short Regular Variation & It's Large Effect on Terrestrial Temperature
1939Abbot, C.G.The Weekly Period In Washington Precipitation
1931Abbot, C.G.Weather Dominated by Solar Changes
1936Abbot, C.G.Weather Governed By Changes In The Sun's Radiation
1953Abbott, C.G.Solar Variation a Leading Weather Element
1942Abbott, W.NThe Electrical Factor in Metabolism
1950Abbott, W.N.The Electrical Factor in Metabolism vol. 2
1981Abdu'l-BahaSome Answered Questions
1965Abrami, GiovanniRicerche Sul Ritmo Antesico
1968Abrami, GiovanniRitmi Climtici e Pratiche Agrarie
1970Abramowitz, Milton (Editor)Handbook of Mathematical Functions
1962Ackerman, EugeneBiophysical Science
1986Acres USADesk Reference 19 Volumes
1974Addey, JohnThe Discrimination of Birth Types In Relation to D
1988Adizes, IchakCorporate Lifecycles
1966Aginsky, Burt W. (Editor)A Methodology For The Comparitive Study of Population *Cultre* and Language
1998Agliardi, ElettraPositive Feedback Economies
1946Airaksinen, K.Kanalintujen Runsaudenvaihtelusta Suomessa
1935Aitken, Robert G.The Binary Stars
1959Ajello, LuigiI Bioritmi
1970Albertus, FraterMen And The Cycles Of The Universe
1980Albritton, Claude C.The Abyss of Time
1976Alcock, N.A Diachronic Model of Civil Violence
2001Alexander, CarolMastering Risk vol. 2
1966Alfven, HannesWorlds-Antiworlds
1991All Chart DXAll Chart DX Weekly, (Japanese Language)
1993Allan, Walter (Editor)A Critique of Keynesian Economics
1949Allee, W.C.Principles of Animal Ecology
1974Allen, C.M.How to Wheel & Deal in Gold & Silver
1966Allen, Myron S.Psycho-Dynamic Synthesis
1959Alt, George T.Our Economic Dilemma
1935Alvarez, A. MartinezPuntos Aperentes de Contacto Entre La Marcha Diaria de Los Componentes Magneticos Terrestres, La de Ciertos Elementos Solares, La Precion Diastolica, Y Los Computos Totales Leucocitarios
1995American Assoc. of Individual InvestorsThe Individual Investor's Guide To Computerized Investing
1937American Can Co.Metal Statistics 1937
1991American Geophysical UnionJournal of Geophysical Research 3 volumes
1991American Geophysical UnionU.S. National Report 1987-1990
1991American Geophysical UnionWater Resources Research
1992American Institute For Economic Research1991-92 AIER Catalog of Publications and Programs
1991American Institute For Economic ResearchHow to Avoid Financial Tangles
1988American Institute For Economic ResearchHow To Plan For Your Retirement Years
1985American Institute For Economic ResearchInvestment Companies and Funds
1992American Institute For Economic ResearchLife Insurance: From The Buyer's Point of View
1994American Institute For Economic ResearchThe Pocket Money Book: A Monetary Chronology Of The United States
1996American Institute For Economic ResearchWhat Will the Next Recession Mean to You?
1991American Institute For Economic ResearchWhat Your Car Really Costs - How to Keep a Safe Driving Record
1967American Statistical AssociationJournal of the American Statistical Association
1956American Statistical AssociationJournal of the American Statistical Association
1949American Transit AssociationTransit Fact Book 1949
1947Anderson, C.N.A Representation of the Sunspot Cycle
1942Anderson, R.L.Tables of Orthogonal Polynomial Values Extended to N=104
1973Anderson, Richard C.Motivation: The Master Key
1963Anderson, Roger Y.Harmonic Analysis of Varve Time Series
1966Anderson, Roger Y.Intrabasin Varve Correlation
1961Anderson, Roger Y.Solar-Terrestrial Climatic Patterns in Varved Sediments
1960Andrews, W.S.Magic Squares and Cubes
1986Angeli, A. (Editor)Endocrinology of the Breast
1979Angell, GeorgeWinning in the Commodities Market
1972Angrist, Stanley W.Sensible Speculating in Commodities
1973Annals of the New York Academy of SciencesSentics: Biocybernetics of Emotion Communication
1979Annals of the NY Academy Of SciencesAnnals Index (1975-1977)
1964Annals Of The NY Academy Of SciencesCan Psychopathology Be Measured?
1964Annals Of The NY Academy Of SciencesCosmic Dust
1972Annals of The NY Academy of SciencesEducation in and History of Modern Astronomy
1964Annals Of The NY Academy Of SciencesElectronics In The Medical Specialties
1971Annals of the NY Academy of SciencesEnvironment And Society in Transition
1975Annals of the NY Academy of SciencesEnvironment And Society In Transition: World Priorities
1972Annals of the NY Academy of SciencesGeochemical Environment in Relation ot Health and Disease
1961Annals of the NY Academy of SciencesGeochronology of Rock Systems
1980Annals Of The NY Academy Of SciencesGrowth Regulation By Ion Influxes
1972Annals of the NY Academy of SciencesInterstellar Molecules and Cosmochemistry
1964Annals Of The NY Academy of SciencesLarge Steerable Radio Atennas-Climatological & Aerodynamics Consideration
1963Annals of the NY Academy Of SciencesLife-Like Forms in Meteorites and The Problems of Environmental Control on The Morphology of Fossil and Recent Protobionta
1980Annals of the NY Academy of SciencesNonlinear Dynamics
1964Annals Of The NY Academy Of SciencesPhysical Factors And Modification Of Radiation Injury
1965Annals Of The NY Academy Of SciencesResearch In Demyelinating Diseases
1973Annals of The NY Academy of SciencesSentics: Biocybernetics of Emotion Communication
1964Annals Of The NY Academy Of SciencesSymposium On The Nerve Growth Factor
1966AnonymousWiped Out
1975Ansbacher, Max G.The New Options Market
1932Antevs, ErnstAlpine Zone of Mt. Washington Range
1953Antevs, ErnstGeochronology of the Deglacial and Neothermal Ages
1955Antevs, ErnstGeologic-Climatic Dating In The West
1951Antevs, ErnstGlacial Clays In Steep Rock Lake, Ontario, Canada
1939Antevs, ErnstLate Quaternary Upwarpings of Northeastern North America
1931Antevs, ErnstLate-Glacial Correlations and Ice Recession in Manitoba
1929Antevs, ErnstMaps of the Pleistoscene Glaciations
1944Antevs, ErnstMemorial To Gerard De Geer
1925Antevs, ErnstRetreat of the Last Ice-sheet in Eastern Canada
1925Antevs, ErnstRetreat of the Last Ice-sheet in Eastern Canada
1959Antevs, ErnstThe Lehner Mammoth Site
1976Appel, Gerald99 Ways to Make Money in a Depression
N/AAppel, GeraldThe Moving Average Convergence-Divergence Trading
1909Appleton'sAppleton's Spanish-English & English-Spanish Dictionary
1942ArchitecturalMemorandum on Postwar Building
1941Argtowski, HenrykOn Solar-Constant and Atmospheric Temperature Changes
1987Arguelles, JoseThe Mayan Factor
1972Armentano, D.T.The Myths of Antitrust
1971Arms, Richard W.Profits In Volume
1945Armstrong, Charles E.Testing Cycles For Statistical Significance
1986Armstrong, Martin A.The Greatest Bull Market in History vol. 1-3
1960Arrow, Kenneth J. (Editor)Mathematical Methods in the Social Sciences
1960Artimo, AtsoThe Dispersal & Acclimatization of the Muskrat, Ondatra Zibethicus (L.) in Findland
N/AAschoff, J.Bibliography on Circadian Rhythms
1974Aschoff, J.Chronobiological Aspects of Endocrinology
1970Asen, RobertHow To Make Money Selling Stock Options
1983Asso, DoreenThe Real Menstrual Cycle
1941Aston, JamesWrought Iron
1983Astrological AssociationCorrelation
1979Astrology Researcher, Inc.Astrology Researcher, Winter, & Spring 1979 - 3 Vols.
1987Atmospheric Environment ServiceClimate Of Alberta 2 Vols.
1989Aveni, AnthonyEmpires Of Time
1981Ayensu, Edward S. (Editor)The Rhythms Of Life
1935Ayres, Leonard P.The Chief Cause of This and Other Depressions
1939Ayres, Leonard P.Turning Points in Business Cycles
1994Azoff, E. MichaelNeural Network Time Series Forecasting of Financial Markets
1957Babson, Roger W.Before Making Important Decisions
1978Bache Halsey Stuart ShieldsInvestments: A Retrospective
1964Bailey, Norman T.J.The Elements of Stochastic Processes
1992Baker, LouisC Mathematical Function Book
1994Baldassarri, MarioIs The Economic Cycle Still Alive?
1932Baldwin, S. PrentissPhysiology of the Temperature of Birds
1992Barber, James DavidThe Pulse of Politics
1995Barker, David KnoxThe K Wave
1960Barlett, M.S.Stochastic Population Models In Ecology & Epidemiology
1972Barmash, IsadoreGreat Business Disasters
1996Barnes, R. G.High - Impact Day Trading
1989Barnes, R.G.Biblical Chronology From Abraham
1973Barnes, Robert M.The Dow Theory Can Make You Rich
1968Barnett, BruceSeasonal Changes in the Temperature Acclimatization of The House Sparrow, Passer Domesticus
1948Barnett, LincolnThe Universe and Dr. Einstein
1988Barnsley, MichaelFractals Everywhere
1976Baron, GeraldThe Crowd Chooses
1995Barone MicheleAdvances in Fundamental Physics
1933Barron'sThe Dow-Jones Averages
1957Bartels, JuliusStatistical Studies of Quasi-Periodic Variables
1957Baruch, Bernard M.Baruch My Own Story
1960Baruch, Bernard M.Baruch The Public Years
1960Bates, D.R.The Earth And Its Atmosphere
1994Bates, GrahamMoney and the Markets
1987Batra, RaviThe Great Depression of 1990
1985Batra, RaviThe Great Depression of 1990
1951Baumgardt, CarolaJohannes Kepler: Life and Letters
1981Beadle, PatriciaInvesting in the 80's
1962Bean, Louis H.How To Predict the Stock Market
1969Bean, Louis H.The Art Of Forecasting
1985Becker, Robert O.The Body Electric
1983Beckman, Robert C.Downwave
1995Beckman, Robert C.Elliot Wave Explained
1988Beckman, Robert C.Into The Upwave
1992Beckman, Robert C.Powertiming, Using The Elliot Wave System
1995Bedford, Edwin L.Navigator Software User Guide
1947Benham, FredericPrinciple of Economics
1884Benner, SamuelBenner's Prophecies
1948Benner, SamuelBenner's Prophecies Of Future Ups and Downs
1962Berkofsky, LouisLectures on Numerical Weather Prediction
1959Bernhard, ArnoldThe Evaluation of Common Stocks
1988Bernstein, JacobCyclic Analysis in Futures Trading
1984Bernstein, JacobHistorical Cash Commodity Charts 1984 Edition
1991Bernstein, JacobJake Bernstein's New Guide To Investing in Metals
1990Bernstein, JacobSeasonal Futures Spreads
1982Bernstein, JacobThe Handbook of Commodity Cycles
1990Bernstein, JakeCycle Now Though 2010 A Comprehensive Analysis of The Unprecedented Expectation
1991Bernstein, JakeCycles of Profit
1991Bernstein, JakeMBH Daily Seasonal Futures Charts 1991 Edition+B1504n
1988Bernstein, JakeMBH Seasonal Futures Charts
1987Bernstein, JakeMBH Seasonal Research Studies-Cash Seasonal Commodity Charts 1987 edition
1989Bernstein, JakeThe New Prosperity
1992Bernstein, JakeTiming Signals in the Futures Market
1996Bernstein, Peter L.Against The Gods
1991Berry, Brian J.L.Long-Wave Rhythms in Economic Development & Political Behavior
1990Bertotti, BrunoPhysics of the Earth and the Solar System
1954Besicovitch, A.S.Almost Periodic Functions
1999Besomi, DanieleThe Making of Harrod's Dynamics
1938Beveridge, WilliamPrices and Wages in England
1945Beveridge, William H.Full Employment in a Free Society
1969Bevington, Philip R.Data Reduction & Error Analysis for the Physical Sciences
1966Beyer, William H. (Editor)Handbook of tables for Probability& Statistics
1964Binder, LeonardThe Ideological Revolution in the Middle East
N/ABiological Sciences Communication ProjectInformation Center on Biological Rhythms
1970Birth and Planetary Data Gathered Since 1949Men of Science
1970Birth and Planetary Data Gathered Since 1949Military Men
1970Birth and Planetary Data Gathered Since1949Sports Champions
1970Birth and Planetary Data Gathered Since 1949Painters and Musicians
1959Bitter, FrancisMagnets, The Education of a Physicist
1958Blackman, R.B.The Measurement of Power Spectra
1979Blakley, Leo V.Oklahoma Current Farm Economics
1985Bleaney, MichaelThe Rise And Fall Of Keynesian Economics
1969Blizard, J.B.Long Range Solar Flare Prediction
1994Boettger, RickThe Deficit Lie
1961Boktrykkeri, JohnObservation 1957-1963
1966Bolinger, Clyde J.Atlas of Planetary Solar Climate, vol. 1,2,3,4,5
1994Bolton, A. HamiltonThe Complete Elliot Wave Writings of A. Hamilton Bolton
N/ABolton, A. HamiltonThe Elliot Wave Principle, a Critical Appraisal
1966Bolton, A. HamiltonThe Elliott Wave Principle of Stock Market Behavior :1966 Supplement
1976Bookbinder, Albert I.A.Security Options Strategy
1996Borooah, Vani K.Growth, Unemployment, Distribution, & Government
1960Borts, George H.Regional Cycles of Manufacturing Employment in the
1974Boswell, Winthrop PalmerHisperica Famina, The Garden Of God
1954Bowen, Harold G.Ships Machinery And Mossbacks
1989Bowker, Robert M.Strategic Market Timing
1970Box, George E.P.Time Series Analysis Forecasting and Control
1990Braddis, AssociatesThe Braddis Associates' Agricultural Index
1941Bradford, Frederick A.Money And Banking
1968Bradley, Donald H.Stock Market Prediction
1976Branch, BenFundamentals Of Investing
1967Brandeis, Louis D.Other People's Money and How The Bankers Use It
1937Bratt, Elmer C.Business Cycles and Forecasting
1979Braudel, FernandThe Perspective of the World Vol. 3
1979Braudel, FernandThe Structures of Everyday Life Vol. 1
1979Braudel, FernandThe Wheels of Commerce Vol. 2.
1969Brealey, Richard A.An Introduction to Risk and Return from Common Stocks
1988Brennan, Ann M.Glaciological Data 12th Northern Libraries Colloquy
1988Brennan, Ann M.Glaciological Data Permafrost Bibliography Update
1984Bressert, WalterCyclic Analyst's Kit Manual
1991Bressert, WalterThe Power of Oscillator/Cycle Combinations
N/ABressert, WalterWalter Bressert's Seminar on The S&P 500
1986Bretagnon, PierrePlanetary Programs and Tables
1986Bretagnon, PierrePlanetary Programs and Tables from -4000 to +2800
1986Brimelow, PeterThe Wall Street Gurus
1987Brockwell Peter and Richard Davis Time Series: Theory and Methods
1973Bronowski, J.The Ascent of Man
1984Brooks, HerbInvesting With a Computer
1965Brough, Charles HendersonThe Cycle of Civilization
1964Brown , Frank A Unified Theory for Biological Rhythms
1995Brown, Constance Aero Dynamic Trading
1970Brown, Hastings PalmerThe Biological Clock
1988Brown, Lester R.State of The World
1943Brown, Louis G.Survey Of the Illinois Fur Resource
1974Browne, HarryYou Can Profit From a Monetary Crisis
1987Browning, IbenBrowning Newsletter Compilation
1981Browning, IbenPast and Future History
1988Bruck, ConnieThe Predators' Ball
1941Brumbaugh, Martin A.Business Statistics
1941Brumbaugh, Martin A.Business Statistics
1926Brumbaugh, Martin AllenDirect Method of Determining Cyclical Fluctuations Of Economic Data
1982Brunner, John M.The Tide-Time Survey Year 1983
1967Bulmer, M.G.Principles of Statistics
1973Bureau of Economic AnalysisLong Term Economic Growth 1860-1970
1961Bureau of Labor StatisticsEmployment and Earnings Statistics
1993Bureau of MinesMineral Commodity Summaries 1993
1965Bureau of The CensusBusiness Cycle Development
1975Bureau Of The CensusHistorical Statistics of the US, 2 volumes
1965Bureau Of The CensusHistorical Statistics of the US, Colonial Times to 1957
1990Bureau of the CensusUSA Statistics in Brief 1985 & 1990
1960Burlingame, RogerScientists Behind The Investors
1946Burns, Arthur F.Measuring Business Cycle
1949Burns, Arthur F.Wesley Mitchell and the National Bureau
1994Burns, John T.Cycles in Humans and Nature
1992Burroughs, William JamesWeather Cycles, Real or Imaginary?
1962Burton, John W.Peace Theory
1983Cagan, Christopher L.Conservation of Energy in Large-Scale Macroeconomic System
1987Cagan, Christopher L.Energy, Entropy, and Endunamy in Economics
1983Cagan, Christopher L.Greek, Roman, And Islamic Coins From Sardis
1991Cagan, Christopher L.Real Estates
1991Cagan, Christopher L.The Phase Method of Analyzing Economic Cycles: The Dow Jones Industrial Average 1880-2000
1967Calvert, Gordon L. (Editor)Fundamentals of Municipal Bonds
1990Campbell, Ray A. IIIInternational Investing: Theory, Practice, and Results
1957Campione, PeterRatios of Logic
1996Capie, Forrest (Editor)Monetary Economics in the 1990's
1974Carabini, Louis E. (Editor)Everything You Need To Know About Gold & Silver
1976Caravias, NicoThe Calendar
1988Cardiff, Gray EmersonPanic-Proof Investing
1988Carey, S. WarrenTheories of the Earth and Universe
1931Carmichael, Robert D.Mathematical Tables and Formulas
1992Carolan, Christopher L.The Spiral Calendar
1962Carson, RachelSilent Spring
1951Carson, Rachel L.The Sea Around Us
1952Carter, John J.Economic Tides And Trends, Their Effects On Your Lifetime Plans
1951Carter, John J.Where Are We Going?
1951Carter, John J.Where Will Tomorrow's Opportunities Be?
1945Carter, T.D.Mammals of the Pacific World
1976Center For Business & Economic ResearchSurvey Of Business May/June 1976
1986Center For International Business Cycle ResearchInternational Economic Indicators
1991Chamberlain, RobertThe 1990's Decade of Depression
1967Chambers, Howard V.UFO's for the Millions
1979Chambers, RobertSeasonal Dimensions to Rural Poverty
2002Chandler, BeverlyInvesting with the Hedge Fund Giants
1981Charell, RalphHow To Make Big Money in Low-Priced Stocks In The Coming Bull Market
1990Chicago Board of TradeSoybean/Wheat Spread 1979-1989
1990Chicago Board of TradeTreasury Futures for Institutional Investors
1994Chirichiello, GiuseppeMacroeconomic Models And Controversies
1987Chronicle PublicationsChronicle Of the 20th Century
1989Chronicle PublicationsChronicle Of The World
1936Clarke, C.H. DouglasFluctuations in Numbers of Ruffed Grouse
N/AClarke, C.H.D.A Biological Investigation Of The Thelon Game Sancturary
1987Clasing, HenryThe Secrets of a Professional Futures Trader
1955Clason, George S.The Richest Man In Babylon
1946Clayton, H.H.Sunspot Changes And Weather Changes
1939Clayton, H.H.The Sunspot Period
1944Clayton, H.H.World Weather Records 1921-1930
1947Clayton, H.H.World Weather Records 1931-1940
1959Clayton, H.H.World Weather Records 1941-1950
1944Clayton, H.H.World Weather Records Volume 79
1943Clayton, Henry HelmSolar Relations to Weather And Life
1979Cleeton, Claud E.Strategies For The Options Trader
1950Clemence, Richard V.The Schumpeterian System
1960Clendenin, John C.Introduction To Investments
1973Cloonan, James B.Stock Options - The Application of Decision Theory To basic and Advanced Strategy
1961Cloudsley-Thompson, J.LRhythmic Activity in Animal Physiology and Behavior
1979Cobleigh, Ira U.The Dowbeaters
1969Cogan, L. PeterThe Rhythmic Cycles of Optimism and Pessimism
1968Cohen, A.W.How to Use The 3-Point Reversal Method of Point & Figure
1983Cohen, A.W. How to use the 3-point Reversal Method of Point & Figure
1977Cohen, Jerome B.Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management
1967Cohen, Jerome B.Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management
1986Cohen, Jon S. (Editor)International Monetary Problems and Supply-Side Economics
1957Coit, Margaret L.Mr. Baruch
1938Cole, Arthur HarrisonWholesale Commodity Prices in the U.S. 1700-1861
1936Cole, Geo W.Graphics and Their Application To Speculation
1984Coles, James S. (Editor)Technological Innovation in the 80's
1937Collins, Charles J.Fortune's Before You
1987Committee for the Scientific Investigation of ClaimThe Skeptical Inquirer
1991Committee Trend ServicePremier Book of Long-Term Charts
1951Commodity Year BookCommodity Year Book 1951
1954Commodity Year BookCommodity Year Book 1954
1960Commodity Year BookCommodity Year Book 1960
1966Commodity Year BookCommodity Year Book 1966
1972Commodity Year BookCommodity Year Book 1972
1975Commodity Year BookCommodity Year Book 1975
1977Commodity Year BookCommodity Year Book 1977
1981Commodity Year BookCommodity Year Book 1981
1982Commodity Year BookCommodity Year Book 1982
1984Commodity Year BookCommodity Year Book 1984
1988Commodity Year BookCommodity Year Book 1988
1990Commodity Year BookCommodity Year Book 1990
1991Commodity Year BookCommodity Year Book 1991
1992Commodity Year BookCommodity Year Book 1992
1993Commodity Year BookCommodity Year Book 1993
1994Commodity Year BookCommodity Year Book 1994
1964Conant, James BryanTwo Modes of Thought
1936Conference on the Long CicleDocumentation Item A
1970Conroy, R.T.W.L.Human Circadian Rhythms
1936Conseil International Des Unions ScientifiquesRelations Entre Les Phenomenes Solaires Et Terrestres
1953Constantacatos, Marinos EvanghelouMoney And Credit
1989Constantinides, Marietta A.What Will Social Security Mean To You?
1979Cook, Theodore AndreaThe Curves Of Life
1981Cooke, JeanHistory's Timeline
1950Cooley, Donald G.Predict Your Own Future
1962Coolidge, Julian LowellAn Introduction to Mathematical Probability
1992Corliss, William R.Biological Anomalies: Humans 1
1983Corliss, William R.Earthquakes, Tides, Unidentified Sounds & Related
1985Corliss, William R.The Moon and The Planets
1980Corliss, William R.Unknown Earth: A Handbook of Geological Enigmas
N/ACorn PricesCorn Prices 1720-1982
1949Cortney, PhilipThe Economic Munich
1982Coslow, SamsonMake Money on the Interest Rate Roller Coaster
1989Cotton, William R.Storm and Cloud Dynamics
1941Cowles Commission For Research In EconomicsDecennial Report 1932-1941
1952Cowles Commission For Research in EconomicsEconomic Theory and Measurement 1932-1952
1951Cowles Commission for Research in EconomicsRational Decision Making and Economic Behavior
1943Cowles Commission For Research In EconomicsReport For 1943
1937Cowles Commission For Research In EconomicsReport of 3rd Annual Research Conference On Economics and Statistics
1938Cowles Commission For Research In EconomicsReport of 4th Annual Research Conference on Economics and Statistics
1939Cowles Commission For Research In EconomicsReport of 5th Annual Research Conference On Economics and Statistics Held at Colorado Springs
1940Cowles Commission For Research In EconomicsReport of 6th Annual Research Conference On Economics and Statistics
1966Cox, D.R.The Statistical Analysis Of Series Of Events
N/ACox, Wm.The Mannheim and The Duflex Slide Rules
1969Craddock, J.M.Statistics in the Computer Age
1962Cramer, H.Random Variables And Probability Distributions
1987Crandell, Dwight R.Volcanic Hazards at Mount Shasta, CA
1964Crane, BurtonThe Sophisticated Investor
1910Crawley, Edwin S. (Editor)Tables Of Logarithms to 5 Decimal Places
N/ACrow, Edwin L.Statistics Manual
1939Croxton, Frederick E.Applied General Statistics
1982Cuff, David J.Thematic Maps, Their Design and Production
1966Cunnion, John D.How To Get Maximum Leverage From Puts and Calls
1990Cycle ProjectionsCycles Projection 1990-1991
N/ACycliTec ServicesUnderstanding Market Cycles Vols. 6-10
N/ACycliTec Services Training CourseUnderstanding Market Cycles 11 Vols.
1968Dadekian, Zaven A.The Strategy Of Puts And Calls
1948Dakin, Edwin FrandenCycles in History
1940Dakin, Edwin FrandenToday And Destiny
1975Dalen, PerSeason Of Birth
1961Darlington, Jay E.The Thing Called Space
1975Darst, David M.The Complete Bond Book
1974Dauten, Carl A.Business and Cycles Forecasting
1993Davidson, James DaleThe Great Reckoning
1941Davies, George R.Business Statistics
1965Davies, KennethIonospheric Radio Propagation
1963Davis, Harry F.Fourier Series And Orthogonal Functions
1995Davis, MorganForecasting Business Trends
N/ADavis, NedChart Watch
1928Day, Edmund E.The Growth Of Manufactures 1899 to 1923
1990Dayhoff, Judith E.Neural Network Architectures
1951De Boer, H.J.Tree Ring Measurements and Weather Fluctuations in Java from AD 1514 I and II
1968de Branges, LouisHilbert Spaces of Entire Functions
1953de Kruif, PaulMicrobe Hunters
1941de Wet, W.J.Field Experiments in Baiting Fliers of the Brown Locus With Notes on Physical Ecology
1980Dean, MalcolmThe Astrology Game
1958Defant, AlbertEbb and Flow
1959Dehio, LudwigThe Precarious Balance
1939DeLury, Ralph E.The Law Of The Solar Rotation
1988Demark, Thomas R.Futures Charts
1994DeMark, Thomas R.The New Science of Technical Analysis
1993Dent Harry S.The Great Boom Ahead
1976Derbyshire, Edward (editor)Geomorphology and Climate
1994Derivatives WeekLearning Curves the guide to understanding Derivatives 3 volumes
1980Derrick, Frederick W.Family Life Cycle: An Alternative Methodology
1985Dewey, BarbaraThe Creating Cosmos
1985Dewey, BarbaraThe Theory of Laminated Spacetime
1949Dewey, Edward R.A List of Rhythms Variously Determined and/or Alleged
1949Dewey, Edward R.A Study of Viscose Filament Yarn Production
1974Dewey, Edward R.Copper Prices, U.S.A 1784-1973
1973Dewey, Edward R.Cotton Prices, USA, The 5.9 Year Cycle
1949Dewey, Edward R.Cycle Analysis: A Description of the Hoskins Time
1950Dewey, Edward R.Cycle Analysis: The Moving Average
1950Dewey, Edward R.Cycle Analysis: The Moving Average, Bulletin #4
1989Dewey, Edward R.Cycle Synchronies
1987Dewey, Edward R.Cycle The Science of Prediction Vol. 2
1985Dewey, Edward R.Cyclerna-Kretsloppen: Son Utloser Handelser.Och Som Kan Anvandas Att
1949Dewey, Edward R.Cycles in Industrial Production
1949Dewey, Edward R.Cycles in Tree Ring Widths, 3 Vols.
1950Dewey, Edward R.Cycles in Weather: Rainfall in the United Provinces, India
1970Dewey, Edward R.Cycles Selected Writings Vol. 1
1971Dewey, Edward R.Cycles The Mysterious Forces That Trigger Events
1943Dewey, Edward R.Cycles: Lynx and Fish, Mice and Man-& Dollars
N/ADewey, Edward R.Detection and Isolation of Rhythms An Outline
1948Dewey, Edward R.Putting Cycles To Work in Science & Industry
1949Dewey, Edward R.Repetitive Patterns in Cotton Prices
1990Dewey, Edward R.Studies In Cycle Analysis
1964Dewey, Edward R.The 17 1/3 Year Cycle in Lake Saki Varves, 2295 B.C.- A.D. 1894
1963Dewey, Edward R.The 17 1/3 Yr. Cycle in the Flood Stages of the River
1964Dewey, Edward R.The 17.7 Year Cycle in War 600 B.C.- A.D.1957
1963Dewey, Edward R.The 18.2 Year Cycle in Immigration, USA, 1820-1962
1963Dewey, Edward R.The 18.2 Year Cycle in Immigration, USA, 1820-1962
1965Dewey, Edward R.The 9.6 Year Cycle
N/ADewey, Edward R.The Fascinating World of Cycles
1938Dexter, Ralph WarrenThe Marine Communities of a Tidal Inlet at Cape Ann, Massachusetts: A Study in Bio-Ecology
1969Diamond, Frank B.Economic Influences on the Stock Market
1952Dice, Charles AmosThe Stock Market
1945Dillavou, Essel R.Principles of Business Law
1969Diller, StanleyThe Seasonal Variation of Interest Rates
1975Dines, JamesThe Invisible Crash
1983Dobyns, ZipporahExpanding Astrology's Universe
1973Dobyns, ZipporahFinding the Person in The Horoscope
1975Dobyns, ZipporahProgressions Directions and Rectification
1985Dobyns, ZipporahSeven Paths To Understanding
1981Doczi, GyorgyThe Power Of Limits
1972Dominguez, John R.Devaluation And Futures Markets
N/ADominion, StatisticianNational Income of Canada 1919-1938
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